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IMT is a full service media company, operating for over 65 years on the campus of Northern Illinois University. We have produced a wide
variety of projects for departments within the university, winning prestigious awards for quality over the years and receiving recognition for superb print quality.

Product Portfolio


“The team at IMT is wonderful to work with on any size project. They assist with small requests like best paper selection as well as complicated requests like variable text data options. They are quick to answer any questions I have regarding their on-line ordering system. They were proactive in offering an easy on-line special order process for jobs that I repeat each semester like our Dean's List letters and certificates. I was invited over for a special training session to make sure the process worked - and it does, it now saves me time every semester with multiple jobs. I'd highly recommend working with IMT.”

“I can testify, without question that IMT has been wonderful to work with. Each project that I have submitted has been completed with high professional standards and within my deadline. I would not hesitate to use them for any of my projects.”

“I feel the on-line store has been beneficial to the alumni association for many reasons. First it saves me time by not having to email lists to doc services as I previously had to do, it is also very helpful to see the product online before it is printed so I can check for any mistakes. I also like the one stop shop idea, everything I would need is on my personal alumni site and it is very easy to access and it is a quick process. I like that I can check on the status of the order so I know when my mailers are complete and I can anticipate the time the letters will be mailed to my members (renewals). Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!”

Printing Tips & Resources
    > IMT Print Guide
    > IMT Printing Terms Handbook (161 KB pdf)

Ordering Tips
    > Storefront Ordering Tips (1759 KB pdf)

Installing The IMTS Compatible PPD
    > Mac OSX (96k pdf)
    > Windows (200k pdf)
    > Acrobat Distiller Settings (128k pdf)